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Our Mission

Tutoring 4 Change initiated in 2012 with the sole intention of improving people’s lives. It aims to both better the community and make worldwide change; however, that seeming like an insurmountable goal was nothing for the potential of this organization. Thus, Tutoring 4 Change managed to find a means where children within the community would receive academic help as well as children in less privileged countries. As a result, the tutors involved with this organization are also generous donors who contribute to the sponsorship of three less privileged children abroad. These children, residing in Asia, now receive a sum of money that enhances their life and bestows with educational opportunities.

Our organization has a bright future ahead, as it has a dual purpose of serving others. For that reason, we hope to be able to change the lives of more children receiving our sponsorship donations. And, reach out to as many children, within our community, as possible. We believe that education is a key to many doors of opportunity, so we would like every child to possess that key.